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One of my best buddies in Costa Rica was a missionary that had been serving for 10+'s years. I was amazed at her lack of computer skills, because she admitted that she only used her computer for emailing.  It was hard for me to fathom being out of the technology loop.  It's funny because she moved back to States last year and her first job was a secretary, using the computer for everything!

At the beginning of this year, Bryan and I attended a training that was very informative. However, in one of the lectures, I learned that we, the missionaries, are out of touch.   Technology has passed us by.  I couldn't believe that text and facebook are now considered old news.  Even twitter is being by-passed with faster apps.  I am not sure I can even speak the lingo.  (Do you still use the word lingo?)

In August, we had a group of High School Seniors from Texas.  They taught us  about YOLO and some other phrases that I already forgot.  I admit, I am a little worried for my children who will be attending college in the States next year.  They are going to have some MAJOR adjustments to make just to "fit in".

Then yesterday, I reread an article that The Mission Society printed in their quarterly magazine, Unfinished.  The magazine this time was focused on how to care for missionaries and one article basically says that missionaries don't know what they don't know.  They count on others to get them to speed with the changes and advances that are happening in the world.  

These articles were written by those who are or have lived the missionary life. These short articles are a great read and I beg and plea for you to read them and share them with your Church leaders, the Mission Director and Team leaders, the Congregation and friends. Missionaries, in general, only want to report the happy news and deal with life's difficulties alone.  Yes, of course, with God, but without someone else, who won't judge them.

Link to articles:

Here is one excerpt from the magazine, "Missionaries get tired. At times they grow discouraged or feel defeated. I’m convinced the enemy works overtime against them, with the result that they are sometimes wounded.

God never intended missionaries to be super heroes who somehow just manage to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Can you imagine Jesus turning his back on someone when they were discouraged, defeated, or when they had fallen? Never!

Missionaries—people whose vocation is all about ministering to others—also need to be ministered to. That’s where you and I come in. We need to have skin in this game also, and one important way in which we can express that is through caring for the missionaries who we send.

One of The Mission Society’s core values reads, in part, “The Mission Society believes that people are of primary value. Because people matter to God, people matter to us.” Because that’s true, how is it expressed? What does really valuing people look like when it comes to caring for our missionaries?"

I don't know what God has in store for future jobs for Bryan and I, but I am confident that no matter what job title I hold, I will be working to care for those that serve Him. 

Be radical and feel God's blessings in your life!

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