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This video was filmed inside an empty Church during one of our Medical Weekend Mission Expeditions.

Beth was so moved by a conversation between a Doctor that she was assisting and a 92 year old patient. This man finally committed his life to Christ.  His daughters were so shocked, Beth had to go to them twice to convince them that he really did ask for forgiveness and salvation.  Beth and Kirsten never heard background noise when filming because they were so in the God moment.  Listen carefully because you can hear a lot of laughter and joy from the Kids Club.

Beth and the doctor had already seen this gentleman's wife and she is a walking Miracle.  It was a little confusing how this man wasn't convinced after his wife was alive and walking after being hit by a car and told she wouldn't ever walk again. 

Nevertheless, as this man countered every evidence of God and Jesus Christ, Beth didn't know what else to do except to pray that the Doctor would receive wisdom for the right words to speak and for the courage to speak them to this gentleman.  The conversation was coming to a close as the doctor had already asked the gentleman twice if he was ready to accept Christ and was told, no, that he didn't plan on it.  It was then that God told Beth to prompt the doctor to ask one more time.  The doctor did and that was one of God's moments to shine!

Later, when Beth and the doctor were debriefing, he told her that a random couple had walked into his office a couple days before and asked to speak to him.  They were missionaries and had never met this Costa Rican doctor, but God had told them to give him a word.  They told him that he needed to go this weekend to whatever it was he was trying to decide about and that God had something big for him.  

Wow, so many random faces in a sea of God's love and grace.  We don't have to do much, but show up and allow God to move us for his glory!