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Hey all, 

This is just a short article, however, we have been so pleased to work with a couple teams from Colorado this past month.  Below is an excerpt from a review we recently received as feedback.


When asked about their In-country support and co-operation, this was their reply,

"The Tatums, Jherson, Jhonny, and the many Ticos that helped out the team could not have been more supportive.  The leadership is grounded in Christ, but understands that actions of love speak more clearly to youth than devotionals and long talks.  I appreciate that you ALL were involved in the service projects, and being present is so important.  Thank you for investing in our participants so well.  You were willing to listen to our suggestions and change the plan to meet needs, yet the schedule was programmed to meet the needs of a North American team."


Their reply to strengths of the ministry here was,

"Your main strength is your love for Christ.  Continue to let him lead you all.  Your staff is humble and listening to the voice of God - you all are listening to those in need and then acting, and you all listened to our kids and then supported us.

Bryan & Beth's knowledge of North American culture also helps facilitate the process.  I believe your team gives a good balance of cultural immersion and understanding youth can't eat rice & beans every day :).

You all demonstrate flexibility.  Not only do you model it well, you are willing to change the schedule to help us process an experience or see a site.  You don't have every minute of every day planned, and it allowed us to speak into some activities."

We are so thankful for the teams that we have had a chance to work with already this year and are looking forward to others that will be here soon.


Plan a short term trip and come help us serve.  

God bless y'all!

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