While cleaning, I ran across some old half used notebooks.  Instead of tossing them, because that is just wasteful; I started skimming the pages and found this note I had written last year.  It is somewhat jumbled, but I hope you enjoy.

Am I a Missionary?

Well, yes, I am a missionary, who just happens to serve cross culturally.  

Yet, I believe that all Christians are missionaries.  

It all starts with at home- how we treat the ones we love and that love us.  It expands when we find ourselves praying for others, others that we may not love or that may not know or love us.  It is a true petition prayer for them to have a better world through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  This process continues when we help by teaching the gospel.  Help can come from working as a Sunday school teacher, praying for others hurts, sharing our possessions, giving financial support, dedicating time, using the spiritual gifts that God had blessed us with or by moving to a new land.  None of these methods is more important than the other; all of them are needed.  If everyone gave financially to the poor- who would work with the poor and show them how to use those resources.  If all Christians moved to a new land-- how would the people left learn to rely on God.

 It reminds me of the illustration in the Bible (Romans 12:4-8) where it talks about how we are different parts of the one body of Christ- all working together for the common good of sharing the Love of our Holy Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

So, from one missionary to another--- well done good and faithful servant.



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