You have seen ice cream trucks, but this is a waffle truck.  Yummy, but not my biggest weakness!!!

My background is working with children and helping train youth and adult leaders.  A few years ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone and agreed to be an assistant soccer coach. Thinking that I needed to learn more, I took a referee class--- thank you Jesus that I have never been called on to use that skill!

Sometime last year, The Mission Society asked me to participate in a "Coaching Training".  I thought they sent the invitation to all of their missionaries and if you needed help coaching, you should reply. 

Then I received the email that read, "You are receiving this email because we have not heard from you."

Oops, this is when I had to admit my biggest weakness... not only to The Mission Society, but also to my husband that always teases me about this being a BIG weakness... Here we go, Hello, my name is Beth and I am an email skimmer. 

Had I read the first two or three emails, I don't remember how many I deleted, I would have realized that this was a special invitation sent to a select few.  Here it was an honor to recieve this invitation and I just threw it away without reading it. 

So, after admitting my failure to read, I was able to attend the Coaching Trainingin Brussels, Belguim.  It had nothing to do with sports, but being a better listener, asking good questions and helping people listen to the Holy Spirit.  It is the Holy Spirit that guides us in our decision making and isn't making better decisions a good way to spend our life!

Skipping ahead, for those other skimmers- the training was awesome and very informative, but I wasn't sure when I would use it.  At the training, I even asked a couple of the leaders why they thought I was invited.  They didn't give me an answer, but told me that I would find out.

That chance to find out came a couple weeks ago.

We were given an opportunity at the woman's prison where we lead Celebrate Recovery to extend our class by offering a Spanish class or counseling.  The ladies that I work with decided it would be great if I would help with the counseling.  My first thougth--- YIKES!  I have absolutely NO experience in counseling, especially when it comes to women in prison and the issues they are facing.  Then, my second thought was... how cool that I was allowed to be trained in a Coaching Class.  Now, I am able to see why God placed me in that exact place at that exact time. 

I was able to try out my new coaching skills this week.  It is a great ministry because I do not counsel, I do not even have to have the answers to the problems.  It takes prayer and asking the Holy Spirit to help guide the decisions of the girls with their issues. 

Okay, I know this was long, for my other fellow skimmers.  I will try to make the next one a little shorter. 

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