We found some items around the house and decided to give then to the English teacher that I am working with at a public school. 

This school is made up of mainly Nicaraguans who have parents working as maids and coffee farmers.  Needless to say, it is a very poor school.  The children are required to purchase their own books.  The English book cost $4.00, but many of the children do not have a book because they cannot afford to buy one. 

Going back to the teacher…..I really didn’t have much to give her, just a little bit.  In fact, it was kind of embarrassing to give so little to a teacher who is so underpaid and gives so much to the children. 

Yesterday, when I handed her a bag of items, she was totally surprised.  She almost cried and said that it was a gift from God and she knew how the items could best be used. 

Remember, I said it was almost embarrassing, but here is what I brought in:

Two half used Jonas Brother spiral notebooks- those are going to a family with 4 children that just started school the day before.  Two of the children did not have an English notebook. 

A paper print out of the Periodical Chart - this teacher is a single mom and she said that her 9th grade son was told last week to purchase the chart, but she wasn’t sure how they were going to get it.

A box of white chalk- Chalk is not supplied in the schools.  There are both chalk boards and white boards, but chalk boards are used more because white board markers are expensive.   She kept telling what great quality the chalk was and how she wanted to take good care of it.

There are also some rocket crafts.  I am not sure what she has planned, but she was ready to build.  Maybe I will find out next week how she plans on using them. 

This little bit of cleaning didn't change the appearance of our house, but it will change the lives of many.  Maybe we can all look around our house and see what extras we can give to someone in need.

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