We have had the privilege to help in hosting a few Short-term Mission Trips this year and we greatly appreciate all the hard work that the teams put into preparing before their arrival.  The pre-trip meetings, planning and preparing made it possible for team to focus on working with the people they came to serve. 

As we have been sharing with you for the last several months, our work in Costa Rica has changed.  Our work in the Children's Home has ended and the Father has opened the door for us to continue His work in Costa Rica.  We are very happy to partner and work alongside a great team in the Conexion Ministry.  

As we talked and prayed with The Mission Society and other missionaries, we learned that this is a very normal part of missionary life.    We heard many similar stories and how common it is for the Father to get you to the field in one area of ministry, for the purpose to open the door for another ministry.
So, what is Conexion?                                                   

Conexion was founded by nine years ago by a Columbian family, headed by Jherson, and his nephew, Jhonny.   They believe in spreading the gospel of Jesus by acts of "extreme service" in communities of great poverty and need.  The Conexion team is made up primarily of Latinos- Costa Ricans, Columbians, and now with us, North Americans. 

This is an overview of some of the “categories” of the work we are involved as we share the love of Jesus with the children and families of Costa Rica:
    •      Construction and painting

    •      Distribution of food, clothing and school supplies

    •      Play days in the public schools.  This sounds simple, but nine years of building relationships made this possible.  These play days as a means of developing relationships and gives us the opportunity to return to share the gospel with the parents.

   •      Teaching a Virtue and Values Curriculum in the underprivileged schools.  We have received permission and we are currently in the process of preparing the curriculum.  Several schools have asked us to teach this curriculum and we are praying that this will become a powerful part in reaching children and their families.

   •      Sports camps

   •      Worship and praise concerts with the Conexion band

   •      Parent and Teacher, Christian based Seminars on health, marriage, parenting and teamwork 

   •      Monthly medical and dental missions

   •      Christmas parties for up to 3000 children in different poverty stricken areas

   •      Hosting short term teams- due to the diversity of gifts that our Conexion team has been given, we mold the mission trip around the gifts of the team members.

   •      Teaching Celebrate Recovery inside the Women’s Prison  

So, if you feel lead to assist in any of these areas, please contact through The Mission Society and we will be happy to discuss the opportunities to share the love of Christ.


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