The President of The United States, Obama was here on May 3rd.  Wow, how the country changed for this event and nearly 2 million living in San Jose were affected.  It was said that this was one of the biggest security operations in the history of Costa Rica.

A few days before his arrival, we saw Black hawk helicopters flying over the city and there were almost 1,000 police officers, 180 intelligence agents and 150 traffic offices, plus the U.S. Secret Service agents on alert. Undercover Secret Service walked the streets of San Jose for days.  

Most businesses and schools closed- not in hopes of seeing him because that was nearly impossible, but because so many of the streets were closed.It was strongly recommended that private businesses located in areas where Obama would be on Friday and Saturday to be closed.  Not only were businesses closed, main highways and most of downtown were inaccessible.  

Obama met with the presidents of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica to discuss trade, security, immigration and energy.

We were not in Costa Rica on the day of his visit, but were near the Honduras boarder, inside of Nicaragua.

Tico Times, an online newspaper, reported that there was some violence during the visit.  Protesters, with masked faces threw rocks and bricks at the police officers and members of the media, which broke several Legislative Assembly building windows.  They also removed the police barriers, while throwing gasoline or diesel filled glass bottles at the building.  It was reported that police arrested around 20 rioters. 


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