So many people from the States ask us how they can help.  

Below is a current list of needs:

- PRAYERS!  Prayers for our family, the members of Conexion, and prayers for all the people that God places in our path are greatly appreciated.

- Medical care packets- these can be made very inexpensively.  Each bag consists of a sandwich bag filled with a package of Kleenex, Aspirin, Band-aids, Soap, Toothpaste and a small bottle of Lotion.  

- Assist by decorating a Care Package Bag.  We can give you the information on how to acquire bags, decorate the front and make a donation of $12.00 to fill them.  We hand out to the families in the communities we visit.  They are filled with basic need items- a bag each of rice, beans, coffee, sugar, cookies, toothbrush, toothpaste and a bar of soap.

- We need tents that we can use for medical missions.  We cannot find quality ones here and the ones from the States are heavy.  If you are coming down or know someone who is and if they are willing to bring a tent, we can have it sent directly to them.

- Serve on a Short Term Team.  We still have spaces available for this year.  We are also taking reservations for next year.

- A projector.  The one we are using now is very outdated and needs replacing.

- Letters of encouragement to the English speaking ladies we serve at the Women's Prison.  

I will update as needs arise.  Thank you for your consideration.

  This is an example of the bags we are using for the Care Package Bags.  They are durable and families can reuse them.

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