The High School our kids attend only have one dance for the students.  I don't mean one dance a year, I mean one dance their entire school life! It is Prom---- Family Style!  

Family Prom Night is one tradition of Costa Rica that I would LOVE for the States to adopt.  I have been so excited for this night, but never did I dreamed it would have been a highlight memory for our family.

Although it was so hard to get 5 people ready for Prom at the same time, it was so worth it and the memories we made are precious.  Of course, it was probably harder to get ready since all of us waited until the last minute to start ironing clothes and picking out jewelry.  Dress was Formal- everyone in long gowns and suits.  Our boys were the only ones in tuxes.  It probably looked like we spent the most money on clothing, but the truth is that I found the tux pants and coats at a thrift store in the States for $4.00 each.  I only had to add the tie and shirt, which I found on sale. 

This is how Prom works here-

No dates

No corsages

The legal driving age is 18, so their wasn't the worry of kids drinking and driving

Everyone in the family is invited (I didn't see anyone under 6th grade, but I saw many people using walkers)

It's expensive, but there were many "extras" 


Families arrived at the hotel at 5pm for photos- one with the Senior by themselves, one with their parents and one with the whole family.  This was so organized; I think they had 3-5 photo stations.  There were tables in the middle of the hall filled with candies.  The theme was medieval and jesters walked around the hall making strange squeaky sounds when they talked.

By 6:30 families were seated at assigned tables while they watched videos of the students from birth to their Senior year.  As smoke blew on the stage and "We are the Champions" (in English) blasted from the speakers, the Seniors rose from below ground on an elevated stage.  As they were individually announced, one of their parents was waiting beside the stage to walk them to the dance floor for the "first dance".    

The night progressed with dinner, a band, a carnival, soup, more dancing, puppet show, more videos, more food and at one point, we found a surprise bag under the table with noise makers and carnival hats for everyone to wear the rest of the night.  Each senior received a small token- the boys got deodorant and the girls received a pair of slippers, which were quickly used as the high heels were scattered. 

The party went until 3am and it was really fun dancing with my kids.  I don't think that I embarrassed them too badly either.  Kirsten even mentioned that she thought it would be strange to have parents at the Prom, but that it was "okay". 

It's hard to believe my babies will turn 18 in a few weeks.  It won't be long until they leave us empty nesters.  We thank Jesus for who they have turned out to be and for the opportunity to experience life in another country. 

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