What does the World Race Parents, Churches and a Colombian Mom have in common?  They all have reason to be proud of their family!

  This weekend we had local church members volunteer to help us during our Medical Missions Weekend  in Orotina, a rural area of Costa Rica.  We also had a group of World Race participants come to observe and serve.  Because we had so many volunteers, it gave the Conexion family some time to see how our whole team works.  So many times, I am in Children's Ministry and never see how the pharmacy works and the doctors do not get to see how many people are in line for a free haircut. 

  We took full advantage of having extra hands and even found some time to allow for Naomi, the mother of the Conexion family to share stories about her children, and in particular about Jherson, the founder of Conexion.  We started working with Jherson and Conexion about 3 years ago and it has been an honor and privilege to work alongside a strong, truthful and humble servant of God.

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