I am so far behind in updating the website and would love to catch up with older stories, but this touched my heart in a huge way tonight.

One of our cars has been in the shop for 2 weeks (little scared to see the repair price) and yesterday our other car started acting up.  It sounded like the transmission, so needless to say, we were afraid to drive it and took it directly to our car mechanic, who is also one of our pastors.  (Pastors do not get paid much, if at all, so it is very common for them to have a second job.)

Anyways, he offered us a very uncommon and not culturally norm of allowing us to borrow one of his cars.  This is the first time in over 5 years that someone has allowed us to drive their car, and here he was allowing us to use it for the weekend. We almost declined his offer, but since one of our kids is having surgery tomorrow, we gratefully accepted. 

I needed to drive one kid to his date, but when I went to drive the stick shift, I had problems getting up the hill- kept going backwards for some reason.  So, Bryan drove us.  I am so glad that he did because as soon as we dropped our son off and headed home, we heard a strange sound.  A motorcycle pulled up to tell us that we had a flat tire.  I'm talking a flat tire at a major intersection during rush hour.  Boy, I glad Bryan was driving!

He got it to a bus stop and immediately a man ran up and asked if he could help change the tire.  He said he watched Bryan go through the intersection and since it was a dangerous area, he wanted to help.  Of course, I was a little weary and hid my wallet and purse in two different areas inside the car before the man noticed that someone else was with Bryan.  I kept my cell phone with me, so I could call a friend if things went wrong, but was I mistaken. 

Bryan accepted his help and when he asked the man how much money he wanted, we were blesssed to hear his story.  The answer to Bryan's question, was that he would like some money to buy food.  He is a homeless, illegal Nicaraguan who has been in Costa Rica for the past 15 years.  Since he doesn't have his paperwork, he can't get a job and it is nearly impossible to return home to see his family.  He looks for odd jobs as a gardener, handyman or home cleaner.   After 30 minutes of him changing the tire and sweating, Bryan talked with him, prayed for him and his family, gave him some money and we watched this joyful man walk away. 

He said we could find him in front of a church, which is in another part of town. It was unusual for him to be in the town we were in.  I truly believe God orchastrated every bit of these blessings. 

Had our pastor not lent us his car, our son would have taken a bus.  Had I driven, I wouldn't have stopped, even with a flat tire, until I was at a gas station.  Had this man not been there, we would not have been able to see his joy in knowing that he helped a stranger.  I hope this experience boosted his self confidence.  I also pray for his safetly, his family and ask for you to join us in praying for a good job to come his way.

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