AdelaMeet Adela, a sweet woman with dreams of a new home for her and her grandchildren.

With financial donations and Short- term teams from the States and many donated hours of work, her Dream became a Reality!  Thank you Jesus for allowing us to see this beautiful woman be blessed by your children.




A few months ago, Conexion, the organization we work with, was contacted by a lady in California that wanted to know if we could help her by building a house for someone in Costa Rica.

This lady had been here on a mission trip here and met a sweet grandmother, Adela, who was living with her grandchildren in a shack that her son had built 30 years ago. Seeing the condition of the grandmothers shack, the love this grandmother had and having a huge heart herself, she wanted to have a new home built for her.

There are a few issues with this.  Adela is living in a town called La Carpio.  This is an extremely dangerous area of Costa Rica, where you would not enter without a local Pastor with you.  Also, monies had to be raised, blue prints made, and skilled hands hired.  God provided abundantly for the finances, a local Methodist Church pastor cooperated and assisted !


 It was difficult to get “before” photos because her house was so small and dark.  I do not remember seeing windows. The roof was made of scraps of metal and a Papa John’s Pizza Banner. The bathroom was outside of the house.  Now, she has a bright colored house, both inside and outside, indoor bathroom and plenty of doors and windows.

 We had a Young Life team from Texas take the house apart piece by piece. We were trying to  salvage everything, except the nails!

 Walls were built, doors and windows were added; keys were handed over to Adela.  A Church team from Texas paint the exterior and interior of the  house. The only thing left for us to do is place a kitchen counter into the house. 


Adela's bedroom

                       Adela was thrilled. It was overwhelming for all of us to see her smile and to see her grandsons working alongside us to complete the house. 

When the constructions workers heard that the house was being donated on a limited budget, they accepted less pay and gave more of their time to see it finished.


It was fun the last day, when they arrived to see the Texas team putting the finishing coats of paint on the house. I think they were impressed!

 We also had the Pastor of the Methodist church help take the house apart and open his home for our bathroom breaks.

We prayed over this house and family before the project was started. We prayed for safety and finances. We prayed for God to be glorified and we prayed for the house to be used as God saw fit! Each step has been planned and prayed over.  Thanks be to God!

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