This Christmas Season, We Have a Request

Over the past year, we have been privileged to see God moving in extraordinary ways in Costa Rica.  We have prepared a short video of just a glimpse of the many ways the Father has worked and moved here over the past twelve months.  Please click the following link to watch this short video.

Your prayers and financial support have allowed us and our team to:

                - Share the gospel with thousands of people...moms and dads, grandparents, children in the public schools, people in communities with no running water except for the local stream and people from every corner of Costa Rica;
                -Disciple hundreds in Bible Study courses
                -Host several short term mission teams with plans on expanding this to host more teams in 2013;
                -Love on and pray over 3000 children in seven rural and marginalized areas as we hosted Christmas Celebrations
                -Partner with several local churches to assist in training for youth programs, kids clubs, evangelism, etc.;
                -Give free medical care to over 2500 patients;
                -Work with children in the public schools to share the importance of a relationship with Jesus as well as to encourage them to stay in school;
                -Distribute food, clothing, school supplies;
                -Lead and teach Christ centered seminars on health & sanitation, marriage, parenting, team building, etc.;
                -Host home church in our home each Sunday;
                -Co-lead a Celebrate Recovery Program in the Buen Pastor Women's Prison;
                -Have praise and worship concerts with the Conexion Band;
                -Lead a young men's weekly Bible Study for young men in middle and high school;
                -Love on and pray with countless brothers and sisters.

The Request...Would You Consider Helping Us?

How can you help us?  Most importantly, we need your prayer support.  You praying for God's ministry, our family and our team is essential.  But, we also need your financial support.  Ministry work costs money and as God has continued to open more doors for us to share His message of love, hope, forgiveness and redemption with more people, our costs have also risen because we are helping and sharing with more people.

If you have partnered with us financially at one time and no longer do so or if you have never partnered financially with us, we would ask to you please prayerfully consider financially supporting the Father's ministry here in Costa Rica.

If you are currently partnering with us financially, we want to thank you so much for your support.  But, we would also ask for you to prayerfully consider making an additional gift this Christmas Season.

The Reasons

As we mentioned, God has truly opened the floodgates and we are sharing His message, loving on and helping more people than ever before.  But, we have also been impacted by economic issues.  Due to inflation and the drop of the value of the dollar, our cost of living in Costa Rica has
 increased almost 20% since we arrived 3 1/2 years ago.  Our dollar today only buys $0.80 of goods compared to when we arrived.
Also, in 2012, we have seen our health insurance premiums through The Mission Society
increase by over $3000 this year (*see note below from Jim Ramsay, VP for Mission Ministries, The Mission Society).

We have also been advised by one our partner churches that due to their economic issues, they will most likely have a large reduction in their 2013 mission budget which, obviously, affect their financially partnership with us.

From the Desk of Jim Ramsay, VP for Mission Ministries, The Mission Society June 18, 2012

Thank you for your prayers and your support of Beth, Bryan and the triplets.   I wanted to make you aware of a financial challenge that all our missionaries are facing this year. As you know in the USA, health costs continue to skyrocket. We try to keep the premiums down for our missionaries, but at the same time we have to ensure that they are covered for medical events locally as well as if the need should arise for medical evacuation and care in the USA. Even with very high deductibles, the premiums our missionaries pay from their support took a huge leap in 2012; an increase of nearly $300/month for family coverage.  It has resulted in inadequate budgets for many of our workers. We would ask you to pray if the Lord might enable you to make an increase in your giving to help cover this cost and avoid them having to return prematurely to make up the difference.


How To Help by Your

Financial Support

The Mission Society is our sending agency, our partners, our counselors, our trainers, our friends and our financial accountablity.  All of our financial donations go through The Mission Society.  The Mission Society is a member of ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountablity) which gives us and our partners the assurance of financial integrity and accountablity as well as making sure your contributions are tax deductible.

To partner with us financially you may do so byclicking the appropriate link:

Credit/Debit Card Donation

Checking Account Donation

or by downloading a Donation Form (PDF)

Our account # is 355SUP.

Prayer Requests and Praises

                -Please be in prayer for the financial ministry needs
                -Please pray for our upcoming Christmas Celebrations as we share the love of Jesus with over 3000 poor and marginalized children
                -Please pray for our Celebrate Recovery women; Christmas is a very difficult time for these ladies
                -Please pray for the opening of relationships with other church and individual partners who want to team up with us as we serve the people of Costa Rica

                -Praise for the honor of seeing so many people come to know and grow in a relationship with Jesus
                -Praise for God continuing to open doors to share His message for us and our team
                -Praise God for you, our partner in ministry here in Costa Rica


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