Okay, I know this is a weird title for an article, but it is the truth.

This year has been a very difficult financial year for us.  With prices rising and the dollar losing ground, it has been tough trying to stay on top of bills.  

This year we have seen both our car insurance and our children's school tuition increase over 50% while our largest supporting church reduced support substantially. 

We have many families that have been faithful in their prayer support and financial support.  We appreciate each and every person that commits to pray for us, the ministry and the people God places in our paths.  We also greatly appreciate finances in order to keep us in Costa Rica and serve.

We have a family, who asked to remain anonymous that agreed to pay for not only the increase for our children's schooling, but they covered the costs for their entire Senior year.

That might not sound like a big thing- but it is HUGE.  In order for our children to receive an education similar to one in the states, we placed them in a private school, and it is considered on the less expensive end for private schools.  The boys will graduate in December 2013.  Kirsten decided that online schooling was a better fit for her, so she has to take extra English classes.  She will graduate in June 2014.  

After the boys finish this year, they will probably take some online classes to improve their English.  They are taking English as a second language, so in reality, they stopped learning English at age 13.  All of them should be ready for college in Fall 2014.  That is a scary thought for Bryan and myself, but just another adventure where God will show that He is in control!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to the anonymous family that is helping our children graduate High School and making the financial burden one less thing to worry about.  

We pray for all of our partners that their lives will be abundantly blessed by their faithfulness!!!

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