Costa Rica Update from Beth, Bryan
and the triplets, Kirsten, Drew and Jesse

First, thank you so much for your prayers for Bryan's foot surgery. I will talk more about it in another section of the newsletter.

One of the things that I most enjoy in November is the Facebook “what I am thankful for” posts. We love reading about how blessed we all are and how, so often, we just don’t see or notice all of the “God moments” that happen to us and around us each and every day.

So, in the season of sharing what we are thankful for, we want to let you know that we are thankful for you. Thanks to your prayers, partnership and financial support, we have been able to share the love and message of Jesus Christ to the people in Costa Rica. Also, through your support we have been able to feed those that were hungry, welcome strangers, clothe those in need of clothing, treat those that were sick and visit and work with those in prison (Matthew 25:35-40.)

Our ministry focus is to work and serve in marginalized and disenfranchised regions. With the exception of our work in the Costa Rican public schools, which is almost entirely in San Jose, most all of our work takes place in remote, rural, agricultural communities.

Generally, we are not big fans of talking about the “numbers” part of ministry. But, some of us are “right brain” kind of people and we want to know the numbers. So, this year, by the numbers we, in partnership with Conexion Ministries have, with your prayers and financial partnership and support, completed over 70 mission projects made up of:

  • over 25 Praise and Worship Concerts 


  • teaching the women in Buen Pastor Prison the Celebrate Recovery program as well as coaching/counseling these women
  • over 120 students complete our 8 hour introductory Bible course
  • sharing with over 15,000 kids in the Costa Rican public school system and in Kids Clubs the importance of having a relationship with Jesus, staying in school, maintaining purity, having virtues and values and just plain ol’ loving on and playing with each of them
  • provided food and clothing to over 250 families
  • giving free medical care to over 8,000 patients as well as providing dental and eye care at a minimal fee

We still have 2 major projects left this year as well as several Praise and Worship concerts.

  1. December 6-8, Ortega, Santa Cruz in Guanacaste:  During this weekend, we will be hosting a free medical/evangelism/praise and worship concert.
  2. December 11-22 in various churches and schools all around the country: We will be hosting Christmas Celebrations for over 3,000 kids in marginalized/disenfranchised areas that would otherwise not have a Christmas.
In addition to the mission projects, your financial gifts have:
  • purchased countless outdoor toys for the children we serve including a trampoline, innumerable jump ropes, playground balls, sports cones and a huge parachute
  • purchased lesson books, coloring books, countless copies for distribution during Kids Clubs
  • purchased face paints, more face paints, (and even more face paints), balloons, small gifts and door prizes
  • allowed the repair and maintenance of the sound and concert equipment due to the constant use
  • supported so many more things that it is impossible to list them all

What we do, we do in the name of Jesus to further the Kingdom of God and we do this as a team. Because of your prayers, support and financial partnership, you are working here, in Costa Rica, right alongside of us. We are a team.

So, Thank You...and we pray that you had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. And, with Christmas just around the corner don’t forget, “It’s not the things you do at Christmas Time...but the Christmas things you do All Year Through.”

Prayer Requests & Information About
Partnering Financially 

Prayer Requests 

  • for Kirsten, Drew and Jesse to finish well here and for confirmation in colleges and the next steps in their lives
  • for God's ministry here and for wisdom in our ministry planning for 2014
  • for Bryan's leg to heal completely with no complications
  • for wisdom and guidance for Beth and Bryan regarding God's ministry finances and our personal finances
  • for financial support; to be blunt, our ministry finances are dire straits

Financial Partnership

The Mission Society is our sending agency, our partners, our counselors, our trainers, our friends and our financial accountability.  We ask that all of our financial donations go through The Mission Society.  The Mission Society is a member of ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) which gives us and our partners the assurance of financial integrity and accountability.

Credit/Debit Card Donation

Checking Account Donation

or by downloading a Donation Form (PDF)

Our account # is 355SUP.

What's Up with Bryan's Foot? 

Thank you so very much for all of your prayers and emails regarding my surgery and recovery. If you weren't aware, I broke my left foot about 3 months ago. After the initial accident, the doctors decided that the best course of action was to not put any pressure on the foot and allow it to heal on its on.

After several subsequent doctor visits, it was determined that my foot had not healed properly and that it would take surgery to correct the problem.

On November 14th, the good doctors at hospital Clinica Biblica operated on my foot, dug out and removed the bone that had not healed correctly and inserted 2 titanium screws into my foot. The put on a cast but due to a great deal of swelling, the cast had to be cut in half to remove the pressure. They kept me in the hospital for a day and then released me to go home.

After 2 follow up appointments the first week of recovery, the original cast was removed and new cast was reapplied. I will have that cast removed on December 20th.

Thank you, again for the prayers and emails. It was such a blessing to know that I had the prayers and support of so many.

          Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

9 Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. 10If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.






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