This past Monday, we lost a friend from our home church and with the permission of her husband, Bobby, we felt led to share a little about this beautiful woman and her faith.  Although, this is about Tammy, it’s really not about Tammy but rather about Tammy’s faith...which is just how she would want it.

Tammy truly had a smile and spirit that would just light up a room.  And that joy came from her passion for the thing she loved most in the world, her Lord and Savior.  Even after cancer invaded Tammy’s body, her faith never waned, in fact, I would say it emboldened her and her faith.  If the enemy thought that by destroying her physical body that he would break her, boy, was he terribly mistaken.


I recall an email response that I received from Tammy last year that, ironically, was a comfort to me.  We had written Tammy asking how we could specifically pray for her.  Even though she was sharing with me about her struggle with cancer, her attitude and faith were such an inspiration.

“I am holding on that God has this. He is bigger than all this. I can choose to wander in the desert or I can move on to the promised land. I keep speaking that I am healing in Jesus Name….every time Satan speaks the opposite of what I am promised I remember a scripture and use my sword! So the battle continues. I can say that I wouldn’t choose this path for my family especially, but God has used it to grow me deep roots and change me beyond what I ever knew possible. I am not who I was…and I am thankful for every day.  Someday when we get to heaven I think all this is just going to amaze us.”

Beth and I were unable to attend the celebration of Tammy’s life at our home church but one of her friends on Facebook wrote a very moving piece that I would like to share an excerpt from.  

“Today's service honoring the homecoming of my sweet friend Tammy Miller was humbling. The room resonated of her love - kindness - and unending passion for Christ. Pastor Alan could barely speak at times, himself - deeply moved by the friendship and companion he had in Tammy. I had never known that Alan has had 30+ years with Tammy....my heart stung with the possibilities of having known her for that amount of time....what must have occurred in all those years of knowing her, between them & their families.

Tammy has a way of shining with sincerity. She is the "people’s'" advocate for Christ, no doubt.  I am grateful to have spent time with her in bible studies, small groups, have her photograph my daughter, and support her in her quest as a missionary for those in need. I was incredibly humbled in friendship today - when Alan asked for "all those whose lives Tammy has touched, to please stand - right where they are".....the ENTIRE room, stood.”

Tammy touched each person that she came into contact with and she truly was and is the people’s advocate for Christ.  She would touch you with her smile, her spirit, her outlook and her deep love of her Savior and her family.  


In the email above, the last line of Tammy’s note was, “Someday when we get to heaven I think all this is just going to amaze us.”  Tammy is now in heaven and I am sure she is amazed with how this puzzle of life had all fit together.  And, she is singing praises with that angelic voice of hers that was really, just a little too good for earthly ears.

Please keep Tammy’s husband, Bobby and their children, Morgan, Audrey, Lane and Preston lifted up in your prayers.  

Tammy and Bobby have been partners with our work in Costa Rica but, closer to home, Tammy was a passionate supporter of Mercy Ministries.  I know that Bobby and Tammy both would love for you to make a donation to Mercy Ministries in honor of Tammy Miller.  Please indicate in the memo or notes section that you are donating in the honor of Tammy Miller.

You can donate by visiting the following secure link:



Thank you, Bobby, for letting us share these thoughts.  Our prayers are with you and your kids.

Bryan, Beth, Kirsten, Drew and Jesse

John 8:51  “Very truly I tell you, whoever obeys my word will never see death.”  Spoken words of Jesus.



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  • Please pray for Bobby, Morgan, Audrey, Lane and Preston.
  • Bryan broke his foot a few days ago; please pray for a quick and full recovery
  • Please be in pray for our finances.
  • Please pray for Beth's upcoming trip to the States.
  • Please pray for Kirsten, Drew and Jesse as they face the tough decisions of college and their futures.
  • Prayer for the funds to replace/repair some of the equipment we use weekly, i.e. tents, sound equipment parts (cables, microphones, etc.), trampoline, etc.   

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Beth's Going to the States


We have been trying for some time now to get Beth to the States to visit with churches, Sunday School classes, clubs, friends and really, anyone who wants to visit with her.  With the blessing of short term teams, our work in the schools and her work in Buen Pastor Women's Prison,  it has really been difficult finding a time that we can pull her out of ministry work.

But, we are kicking her out of the house and she is coming your way this fall.  We are working out the specifics now and if you would like Beth to come visit and share with you, please let us know as soon as possible.  We want to make sure we schedule time for those who are wanting Beth to share with them.

Please email Beth at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   to schedule your time.


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