Exciting First Few Months of 2013

I apologize that we have not gotten a newsletter out since the end of January.  To be honest, we have just not been able to set aside the time to devote to it.  That is a terrible excuse but it is just the plain ol' truth.

It has been a busy and exciting year and it is only the first part of May.  In February, Beth and Bryan participated in a TMS (The Mission Society) training to facilitate their efforts in Coaching.  In addition to ministry work and responsibilities, we are part of a Community of Care Coaches for TMS.  Christian Coaching is an ongoing conversation that empowers a person or team to fully live out God's calling in life and profession,as they listen to the Holy Spirit.

With our family being located in Costa Rica,  it is a natural progression of part of our work.  For most families serving in Latin America, they spend time at language school here in Costa Rica.  Frequently, this is the first time most have lived outside of the States.  This time can be a huge stress on a family and often times, coaching can assist with the culture shock and transition that a family is experiencing that first year on the field.

Also during the TMS workshops in February, Beth had several additional days of training for her continued role as part of the Regional Leadership Team with TMS.  Beth's responsibilities in this role is primarily for the community care and development for those missionaries serving in Latin America.  She personally will check in with missionaries to make sure they are well physically, mentally, spiritually as well as to make sure of the overall health of the family is well.


February, March and April have been filled with ministry opportunities in the public schools, medical/evangelism ministry in La Mona (along the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica) as well as in San Jose and hosting several short term teams.


We have been truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with teams from Colorado, Georgia and Massachusetts with the youngest team being a group of middle school young ladies.  We also had an art teacher, Kathy, work with us sharing in the public schools using art as the media to share the gospel and art appreciation.

We started preparing our work with Kathy back in the fall of 2012.  Kathy, an art teacher for almost 30 years, with the help of her home church, prepped eight canvases in advance, in the States.  Then, Kathy brought the canvases with her to Costa Rica and we worked for one week in a local, public school sharing the message of Jesus and painting with every child in the school.  Every kid painted something on one of the canvases and has ownership of those paintings.  The really cool thing is that those paintings will be in the school for years to come.


           It is so helpful to have teams partner with us.  To be honest, we have more opportunity to serve and share the message of Jesus than we have helpers to accomplish the work (Matthw 9:37-38).  Often we have to say no but, with the extra manpower that the short term teams bring, we can achieve so much more.


Prayer Requests & Information About
Partnering Financially 

Prayer Requests

 ·         Prayer for the funds to replace/repair some of the equipment we use weekly, i.e. tents, sound equipment parts (cables, microphones, etc.), trampoline, etc.   
·         Please pray for our kids, Kirsten, Drew and Jesse as they continue to navigate their teenage years. 
·         This evening, we are driving to Chinandega, Nicaragua near the Honduran border to share the gospel and give medical care to the people in the area.  It is about a 12 hour drive each way so prayers for our sharing the gospel and travel are greatly appreciated.  We will be returning Sunday evening.

The Mission Society

The Mission Society is our sending agency, our partners, our counselors, our trainers, our friends and our financial accountablity.  All of our financial donations go through The Mission Society.  The Mission Society is a member of ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountablity) which gives us and our partners the assurance of financial integrity and accountablity.

To partner with us financially you may do so by:

Credit/Debit Card Donation

Checking Account Donation

or by downloading a Donation Form (PDF)

Our account # is 355SUP.

This Month's Unfinished Magazine

This month's issue of The Mission Society's magazine, Unfinished is online and it is a great glimpse into "what missionaries don't tell you."  There are also some pictures of the triplets on pages 26-29.
You can read this month's issue by clicking:  http://www.themissionsociety.org/issue-templ/unfinished-55
We would really encourage you to take the time to read this issue.  Being on the field really is such a blessing and is truly rewarding but...it is also, at times really difficult.  This month's Unfinished gives a glimpse into some of the things that don't typically end up in missionary's newsletters.

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