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So Much Information in this Newsletter,
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We need your prayers this weekend.  We will be working in and serving an indigenous group in Talamanca near the Panamanian border.  This is an extemely rural area without running water, electricity or plumbing and the area has the second most number of cases of Dengue Fever in Costa Rica.  We will be taking in a team of about 25 and will spend the weekend sharing the love of Jesus with the people in the area.  We will be offering free medical services and medicines, teaching Bible ecucation classes, sharing with the youth in the area as well as hosting Kids Clubs for the children.  

You can view a short video of our advance trip to Talamanca by clicking here.

Last month's Conexion Expedition was in Pocora.  We were so honored to be able to come alongside the Methodist Church of Pocora as we worked with and served the community of Pocora.  We gave free medical care and medicines to over 200 people in the area.  We also shared with dozens of children and youth in the Kids Club and Youth Program as well as offered Bible Education classes and health classes.  It was also a priveledge to have Steve Wilson from The Mission Society be able to spend the weekend with us.  Steve is fluent in Spanish so we put him to work and he was a big help over the course of the weekend.

You can watch a short wrap-up video of the ministry work in Pocora by clicking here.



Important News About Partnering Financially 

Please be in Prayer Regarding the Financial Needs of the Ministry Here in Costa Rica

We have been so blessed in the way that God has continually supplied for the needs of His ministry here in Costa Rica as well as for the needs of our family.  And, we claim in the name of Jesus, that those needs will continue to be met.  But, we do want to share with you a recent concern and ask for your prayers and consideration regarding this issue.  

We recently learned that one of our partner churches is more than likely going to have a large reduction in their mission's budget for 2013.  This reduction will decrease their financially partnering with us by several thousand dollars a year.  

So, would like to ask you to:  1)  Please be in prayer regarding the making up of these ministry dollars,  2)  Please share with us any churches, Sunday School Classes, individuals, etc. that you know of that might be interested in partnering with us and God's ministry here in Costa Rica, and 3)  If you are not currently partnering with us financially in ministry, please pray about this opportunity.

Thank you in advance for your help with this.

The Mission Society

The Mission Society is our sending agency, our partners, our counselors, our trainers, our friends and our financial accountablity.  All of our financial donations go through The Mission Society.  The Mission Society is a member of ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountablity) which gives us and our partners the assurance of financial integrity and accountablity.

To partner with us financially you may do so by:

Credit/Debit Card Donation

Checking Account Donation

or by downloading a Donation Form (PDF)

Our account # is 355SUP.

Prayer Requests and Praises  

     Please be in prayer for the upcoming Conexion Expedition weekend
     Please pray for the financial ministry needs
     Please pray for more/better avenues to supply the medicines for the Expedition weekends
     Please keep Kirsten, Drew and Jesse in your prayers
     Drew is running for the equivalent of Student Council Presidet, please pray for wisdom and guidance for him during this process

     Praise for God continuing to open doors of ministry for us and our team
     Praise that the 7.6 earthquake that we had in Costa Rica caused minimal damage to the country
     Praise for the opportunity we had as we enjoyed a visit from Bryan's parents, Lee and Gail Tatum
     We had the pleasure to host several folks from The Mission Society for several days and show them some of the work and ministry opportunites here.   They shared with us that they enjoyed their time with our family and our ministry family.

Opportunities to Share About God's Ministry in Costa Rica

Article Re-Published by The Mission Society

Bryan wrote an article in the August 2, 2012 newsletter about La Negrita, the patron saint of Costa Rica and how half the population of Costa Rica makes the pilgrimage each year to visit her.  The Mission Society liked the article so much that they edited and re-published the article and posted it online.

You can view The Mission Society's republishing at http://www.themissionsociety.org/gonews/article/121053 .


Mission Network News Interviews Beth and Bryan

MNN's Greg Yoder interviewed Beth and Bryan about God's ministry in Costa Rica.  This interview was broadcast over the MNN radio station's network of stations and is available to listen to online at http://www.mnnonline.org/player/?media=interview&id=3206&length=1&date=2012-09-27 .